LINC2020Study tour 4

Regional food products and education

Organization: LAG Horní Pomoraví


This study tour will give you an insight into teaching in schools. In these small schools there are children of different ages which are educated all together, using modern teaching methods in order to support the maximum potential of each individual person. In addition, this teaching system is enriched, thanks to the visits of a native speaker who educates children in an entertaining way and increases their language skills. The journey continues to a family cannery which is located in the town called Zábřeh. It is a small manufactory that produces high quality delicacies from local ingredients Their products are largely handmade. The next stop will be at a school, which uses polytechnic education. The school is reconstructed for vocational education and at the same time uses modern methods of education - children perform tasks of various difficulties in a fun way, they compile lego robots, RC models, which they must bring to life. You will also visit the recreation area, where you will try traditional free time activities.

  • 9:00 - Severovýchod Primary School and Youth House Krasohled Zábřeh - Wheelchair accessible school for children from 6-15 years old with a youth house as a part of the school, which provides leisure activities. Possibility to produce a hand made wooden pencils or metal puzzles.
  • 11:30 - Via Delicia, Zábřeh – cannery, which processes mainly meet, fruits and vegetables – products are handmade according to old methods of production, from local ingredients, and without any preservatives at all. Product tasting and possibility of shopping at a local store. 
  • 12:45 - Rovensko Primary school and Nursery school - small school with a low number of children from 6 - 11 years old (newly renovated from CLLD). Children from several grades are taught in one classroom, by the same teacher. Children learn to work independently, the teacher receives an immediate feedback from the children, and an individual approach is offered. Visit to the renovated premises and short children‘s performance.
  • 13:45 - Sport a Relax centre Bozeňov – lunch and sport activities: scooter rides, wall climbing and archery experience. Please note that there is no mobile signal in the Bozeňov area.

Departure from hotel: 8 a. m.

Arrival at hotel: 5 p. m.