Czech Republic

LAG Šumperský venkov

21. - 24. 6. 2022

LEADER Inspired Network Community – LINC – European LEADER academy which combines exchange of experiences in many different communities in the whole European union and beyond. The LINC initiative was formed by local action groups ten years ago. The first LINC conference was held in Austria in 2010. Following conferences were hosted in Italy, Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Latvia and last one in Estonia in 2019. The Czech Republic will host the LINC conference for the very first time in 2022. More info about conference:

Apart from LEADER projects presentations we are preparing many sport activities, regional cuisine, food and drink for every participant coming to our region of Jeseníky mountains, where the LINC 2022 will take place. Don‘t hesitate and come experience the mountainous region and much more – everybody is invited!

Language of LINC conference is ENGLISH.

What can you look forward to in the Czech LINC?

  • Recognition of LEADER projects in Jeseníky region
    • Inovation, effectiveness, experiences, quality, frugality
  • Czech cuisine, transport, sport activites, fun
  • Implementation of strategy in education
  • Beautiful nature, kind people, nice atmosphere

Useful travel information

Conference LINC 2022 will be held in the north of Moravia, the Jeseníky Mountains.

Accomodation: Hotel Dlouhé Stráně; hotels in the close surroundings (for single rooms).

LAGs participating in the organization of LINC 2022: